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Frequently Asked Questions


What does acupuncture feel like? Inserting very fine, sterile needles may cause a momentary tinge of pain, or the insertion may not hurt at all. Most people soon feel deeply relaxed. The needles stay in at least 20 minutes, which is how long it takes for the blood to cycle through the body once.


Is acupuncture safe? The NIH has concluded that acupuncture has substantially fewer adverse effects than many drugs or other accepted medical procedures. Suzanne uses only pre-sterilized, pre-packaged, FDA-approved needles and discards them after each use. She has met both state and national requirements in Clean Needle Technique certification.


What will happen on my first visit? On your first visit, Suzanne will review your health history, discuss your concerns and goals for your health care and your lifestyle. She will also look at your tongue, feel your wrist pulses, and palpate the pathways. All of these methods provide insight into your unique constitution and the causes of any disharmony in your body.  After she will give you an acupuncture treatment, and offer you a plan for ongoing care. 


How should I prepare for an appointment?  Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Eat a light meal before treatment.


What should I expect after treatment? You'll feel a deep sense of relaxation, peace and calm. If you've been treated for pain in a certain area, it may be that there will be some soreness afterward, but usually you will feel much better the following day.


How many treatments will I need? At your first appointment, Suzanne will talk to you about how many visits you should expect, based on your individual constitution and imbalances. Some people need just a few treatments, whereas other conditions take longer to improve. As the program progresses, she may adjust the original plan, in an effort to help you achieve optimal health. 



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