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Focus & Approach to Care


Suzanne practices medicine in Watsonville, CA with a joy that is grounded in a great personal respect for Chinese Medicine, Earth-based cultures approach to health and healing and deep respect for humanity.  She is informed by her many years of study and practice in the world of holistic medicine.


Suzanne is a general practitioner with a specialty in women’s health, including the treatment of fertility, pregnancy, post partum care and the wellness care and treatment of the many common modern day conditions. Chinese Medicine encompasses the most of what Suzanne loves in one medicine; consideration for the whole person, working with needles, with touch, through conversation, teaching, listening, observing…She loves that body and mind and spirit are more than just equally valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are seen as inseparable expressions of a whole human life.


In her life before Chinese Medicine she has studied yoga for nearly 17 years, She received her undergraduate degree in International Relations with a focus on Latin American Studies, from San Francisco State University, and has had many adventures traveling far and wide.

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