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Healing Clinic Collective 2013

Core Healing Collective Clinic Members:  Suzanne Snyder L.Ac. and Clinical Herbalist, Carla M. Perez, Co-founder of Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project; Sara Flores, CNM, WHNP,, Sumyaih Franklin, Midwife; Tre Vasquez, community organizer; Atava Garcia- Swiecicki, MA, RH Clinical Herbalist –

The Healing Clinic Collective came together with a very intentional mission: To bring Healing to the People. As healers and social justice organizers, our goals and intentions are formed with a sacred and political framework.   We work to share our gifts and medicines with others in reciprocity towards Spirit in the following ways

  • To provide loving traditional healing sessions to people from especially traumatized populations in the Bay Area, specifically for persons who are:​​

    • Domestic violence survivors

    • Sexual assault survivors

    • Persons in recovery/rehabilitation

    • Previously incarcerated

    • Overworked and under-cared for

    • Low-income

    • Undocumented​





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